Ghost Lab

Back in July 2010, the Discovery Channel TV showGhost Lab came to Deer Lodge and spent several days investigating the Old Montana Prison. Brothers Brad and Barry Klinge, co-founders of the group ‘Everyday Paranormal‘, were joined by team members Katie Burr, Steve Hock, Steve Harris and Cory Lamey. The production crew set up cameras, lighting and miles of cables to prepare for the investigation. Everyone associated with the production, together with the Museum staff, were sworn to secrecy over what happened during the investigations. It’s safe to say, however, that something interesting occurred,  since Barry Klinge is on record as saying his  favorite episode of Season Two of ‘Ghost Lab’ was the Old Montana Prison!

You can now watch this episode of ‘Ghost Lab’, available on demand on Amazon Instant Video.

1This episode, series 2 episode 9 ‘No Escape’, is also available on Netflix

"Along the Yellowstone Trail"