Montana Auto Museum

Too many to list, but too much to miss, is a visit to the car museum in the Old Prison. Over 150 cars are on display from classic Chevys and muscle cars to a Schacht high wheeler and a 1915 Trumbull Cycle Car. Listed by USA Today as one of the Top 10 Car Museums in the country (read story here), the Montana Auto Museum offers a splendid display of automotive history.

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Montana Auto Museum in 360 Video

Check out a 360 Video of the Montana Auto Museum in Deer Lodge.

Posted by Inside MT on Saturday, February 27, 2016

On your trip through time see a DeSoto Airflow, Model T’s, V-8 Fords, Chevy Bel Air’s, a Ford Mustang GT500 fastback ‘Eleanor’, and a Chevelle Super Sport. A 1915 Seagrave Fire Truck, a Diamond T logging truck, a Vincent Amanda Motor Scooter, a Detroit Electric Car from 1913, and a 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Show Car customized in 1989, are just a few that will make a motor head drool.

See old photos of camping and look at the Cozy Camp Pop-up Trailer from 1933, visit a rare 1886 Benz Motorwagen replica, a 1967 Amphicar and much more.


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