“A Stitch In Time”: Quilting throughout America


Organization: Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation

Exhibition: “A Stitch In Time”: Quilting throughout America

Date of Exhibition: April 27, 2017 – October 2018

Time of Exhibition:

Location of Exhibition: PEN Art Gallery

Cost: Free

Contact Person: Melanie Sanchez, Curator

Contact Info: (406)-846-3111 www.pcmaf.orgcurator@pcmaf.org

 The Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation will hold an exhibition opening reception for “A Stitch In Time” from 5:00 to 7:30 P.M. on April 27, 2017 in the PEN Art Gallery in Deer Lodge.  The museum Curator will be present to meet with the visitors, complimentary wine and hors d’ oeuvres will be served. 

The event will be free to the public.  We hope to see you there!

Summary of Exhibition:

The Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation in Deer Lodge, MT is proud to present the upcoming exhibition “A Stitch in Time”. The exhibition, consisting of a series of quilts from across America and time. As well as antique furniture, handmade sewing items, and antique accessories. The Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation is proud to present this exhibition by a generous contributor from Montana.

Quilts are beautiful pieces of art as well as extremely valuable historical artifacts because they traditionally have been made by women, which is how women left behind their history. Unlike men women left behind fewer written records. Now scholars can study quilts to trace changing cultural values, aesthetics, and technologies, thereby giving women their proper place in this story of Americas past.

Quilting traditions are particularly prominent in the United States, where the necessity of creating warm bedding met the paucity of local fabrics in the early days of the colonies. Imported fabric was very expensive, and local homespun fabric was labor-intensive to create and tended to wear out sooner than commercial fabric. It was essential for most families to use and preserve textiles efficiently. Saving or salvaging small scraps of fabric was a part of life for all households. Small pieces of fabric were joined together to make larger pieces, in units called “blocks.” Creativity could be expressed in the block designs, or simple “utility quilts,” with minimal decorative value, could be produced. Crib quilts for infants were needed in the cold of winter, but even early examples of beautiful baby quilts indicate the efforts that women made to welcome a new baby.

quilt(Cr. 1885 Crazy Quilt)

PCMAF is a local, non-profit membership organization in Deer Lodge which operates the Old Montana Prison as a museum. PCMAF also oversees and operates the Montana Auto Museum, the Frontier Montana Museum, Yesterday’s Playthings, Cottonwood City, the Powell County Museum and the PEN Art Gallery as part of the Old Prison Complex.

The Old Prison Complex brings approximately 50,000 visitors to the region annually to experience the 19th century prison fortress and learn about 140 years of Montana correctional history. Visitors also have the opportunity to view changing art exhibitions and remarkable collections of antique autos, firearms, dolls and toys, historic clothing, furniture and household items and numerous other artifacts related to regional history.


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